Tracey Napotnik
Stylist | Salon Owner | Beauty Motivator

Meeting the needs of the beauty industry.

This was the concept of our founder Tracey Napotnik. Creating a platform that fuses the needs for the highest quality salon education with the industries’ best trainers and coaches. Welcome to is a concept that was conceived while home-schooling my children during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the fall of 2020, my children and I adapted to this new way of virtual learning through a program on a web-site that offered thousands of live online classes.  The site offered more than just training; it was a complete educational experience that offered live teachers for any subject that my children needed.

I was missing having trainers coming into my own salon to teach, as well as, being a trainer myself not getting into salons. I felt a bit lost and disconnected and then I thought how my kids were really enjoying online learning by having different teachers with them on a variety of subjects.

I always loved traditional hair shows where trainers and beauty professionals connected in a community of our own thoughts, ideas, and plans started coming together and was formed.

A place for beauty professionals to find the education they are looking for and trainers to provide classes to them. Gives Back! Operation Underground Railroad

5 percent of every class taken will be donated to O.U.R., a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting human sex trafficking and modern day slavery.