Active Shooter: Are you ready?

  • Duration 2h
  • Start Date November 01, 2021
  • Start Time 6:00 PM Pacific Time - US and Canada


Have you ever thought about what you would do if you were involved in an Active Shooter event? Have you ever been trained on how to survive, somebody trying to shoot and kill you? What about everyone else in your workplace, do they have a plan?

This course will “train your brain” on how to respond if anyone ever pulls a gun and begins shooting people. The instructor will empower you to make a decision on what you should do next…RUN-HIDE-FIGHT! However, don’t be mistaken about what these words mean as there is a lot more to running, hiding, and fighting, than you may think.

The instructor will educate you on Rally Points, Lockdown, Reunification, Emergency Operation Team, and much more.

You are only as good as your last training on how to survive…are you ready?

What Will I Learn?

  • Identifying and Active Shooter
  • Gun 101
  • Survival Mindset
  • Empowerment to decide

About the trainer

Said to be an "expert in his field" by the Wall Street Journal, Bubba Fatula is a high-energy, passionate keynote speaker. He is widely regarded as the go-to source on threat preparedness development and implementation. Bubba has been invited to speak to organizations across the United States while empowering thousands of people to "train their brain" to tell their body how to survive. Using his military, law enforcement, and safety and security backgrounds, he compels people to believe they can survive a crisis. As a former Police Detective and Undercover Narcotics Agent, Bubba shares his real-life experiences while explaining the importance of developing a survival mindset. As the Owner/President of Threat Preparedness-The Fatula Group LLC, Bubba has made a name for himself throughout the United States as a sought after speaker and prominent Threat Preparedness Consultant who believes every business should have a plan on how to manage a crisis before it happens, as it happens, and after it happens!
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