Booked Solid: The Ultimate Guide to Getting and Keeping Clients


You might have attended Paul’s Booked Solid class in the past; however his new version Booked Solid 2.0 covers every aspect of becoming Booked Solid and more!

This class applies to salon owners, stylists, estheticians, nail techs, massage therapists, makeup artists, receptionists, booth renters, and suite owners.

This class is not only geared up to be Booked Solid, but it includes when to raise your prices, how to handle difficult clients, and fill in your gaps.

You will learn how to burn up and not out, by knowing when you should take time off to rest and recover and fully understand your personal development.

You will learn the number one, million dollar marketing tip that not only gets your clients coming back again and again, but how to become more attractive to the market place where clients start seeking you out.

Paul takes 4 decades as a salon owner and hairdresser and condenses them into hours.

It’s not only a great opportunity to become more aware of what you do on a daily basis but to have more control of your purpose and your vision.

What would it cost you if you missed this class? Don’t be the chess piece be the chess player. Look forward to seeing you in my class!


For special pricing for 3 or more please call:  814-303-4560

What Will I Learn?

  • You will learn how and when to increase your prices. Reasons why clients leave and why they stay. How to increase your clientele. Improve your personal and professional development by increasing your potential.

About the trainer

Three decades of being an entrepreneur and accomplished hairdresser, currently the President and CEO of DiGrigoli Salon and School of Cosmetology, overseeing 20+ team members. Outside of the salon and school, I am a nationally-recognized business educator for the hair industry, as well as a motivational speaker for business and academic venues across the country. My driving force is to help people build better lifestyles, and to help businesses, school & salon owners grow and develop; to become more profitable and to help them to create more freedom, and not be held hostage by their business. I am also the author of a highly-popular book, Booked Solid: The Ultimate Guide to Getting and Keeping Clients and have a media collection of seminar CDs. Official hairstylist for local NBC-affiliate WWLP 22 News and radio station 94.7 WMAS
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Paul is one of the best industry trainers out there. He is the real deal when it comes to educating beauty professionals and future professionals. He can get your salon fired up and ready to take action. If you are looking for ideas, information that works, and solutions to challenges, signing up for one of his classes will be a game changer. His classes are fun, powerful, and have proven results.


Material Includes

  • Handout


  • Handout will be in the attachment session. Make sure you have pen and paper for all your notes.

Target Audience

  • Receptionist, Salon Owner, Stylist, Nail Tech, Barbers, Massage therapist, Esthetician and anyone in willing to become Book Solid!
  • You don't necessary need to be in the hair industry.