Contemporary Salon Classics: Seamless Long Layers


Learn the key differences between “long layers of the past” and how to create today’s demand for modern “SEAMLESS LONG LAYERS” that embraces soft and natural movement. These are the looks your clients are looking for – effortless, trend-setting styles that require minimal styling.

This course will provide solid techniques that will work every time. 

What Will I Learn?

  • How to get seamless layers every time. No more guessing as you work through the cut.
  • How to focus on key areas to bring out your client’s best features.
  • How to create balanced, textured layers and avoid an unwanted choppy look.
  • How to add modern elements and avoid looking dated.
  • How to incorporate tons of rich texture that allows for easy styling.
  • How to section the hair, creating the best starting point.
  • How to create seamless to invisible layers when worn straight.

About the trainer

With a passion for teaching and instilling confidence in others, Tab Salsman has deeply rooted his hairstyling career in education. As a national platform artist and educator, he has over a decade of experience educating and working behind the chair. Tab’s goal is to ensure every hairdresser, regardless of their time behind the chair, will take away a fresh approach as well as the confidence to try new methods and develop their own creative styles. He draws inspiration from street fashion, youth culture, music and photography, incorporating these concepts into his classes. As a progressive hairdresser, Tab understands that cut and color work hand-in-hand to create a look and utilizes his abilities to create a timeless, yet modern aesthetic. He believes that cutting hair is only half of what it takes—showing it off in the finish is how a complete look is achieved. He feels it is not what you cut off, but what you leave that matters. I’ve had the great fortune of being able to teach internationally & nationally for a wide range of hair stylists with varying backgrounds. Regardless of who I’m teaching to, one universal factor is that stylists want to learn how to translate a photo a client gives them as inspiration into a hair cut that matches the true expectations of the client. Far too often our industry has always had a tendency to show stylists & clients alike, trending haircuts or cool “tricks” rather than focusing on solid understanding of shapes - face shapes, head shapes or the importance of elevation & distribution. With my courses, hairdressers will walk away with more than just a trick or trending new haircut. My courses are for all hairdressers at any stage of their career - whether they are just starting their journey, seasoned or feeling mental burnout/ physically in pain at the end of the day from poor ergonomics. At the end of the day we all want to be better & make more money & spend more time with the ones we love outside of the salon. My courses will help you get all of those things - from essential fundamentals, how to step up your photo game for advertising, how to raise prices and effectively sell retail. As a hairdresser myself, I know the pain points of our industry and thankfully I’ve been able to navigate around them and I want to share these tools with others. Whether he’s teaching or working behind the chair, Tab finds constant inspiration in the creativity and support of the beauty industry. “I love people,” he says, “and I love that over the years, we’ve grown into a community that helps each other be the best we can be.” Tab is also the creator of Tools And Bags. www.TABCUTSHAIR.COM www.TOOLSANDBAGS.COM
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Tab's passion to help others learn shows through in every conversation with him. Its never about him, its about his students he works with. The level of experience and people that he was worked with is truly outstanding.



  • Long hair doll head
  • Tripod stand
  • Scissors
  • Cutting comb
  • 6 hair clips
  • Small to medium round brush
  • Hairdryer with concentrator nozzle and diffuser

Target Audience

  • This class is for hairdressers of all levels and experiences who want to add more tools to their haircutting tool belt.