“Haircutting is a Series of Choices” The Conversation with David Kinigson (#2/3)



“Haircutting is a series of choices.” #2

In #2 we will focus on…

  • The Relative Illusion of Beauty
    • Subtle Asymmetry
    • Reverse Graduation & Point-to-Point
    • Connective Cutting Patterns
    • Mind Set in Action – What is YOUR WHAT?

The Conversation with David Kinigson is a series of three 90-minute proactive work spaces featuring: Wet & Dry Haircutting techniques, principles, theory, diagrams, and demonstrations, along with, an empowering Synergistic Learning Method… Skill Set, Theory Set, and Mind Set working together in harmony for a transformational learning experience. (scroll down for dates, times, cost, the fine print, and a cool deal)

“Each subtle or dramatic choice will give us a different subtle or dramatic result.”

Known for his zen-like approach to haircutting, David has been on a career long “quest for the perfect haircut”… one haircut at a time. He is passionate about providing a transformational learning experience. 

workSpace hairCutting topics: (you can participate in 1 class, 2 classes or all 3 classes)

  • What are the choices?
    • Reimagine the Head Shape
    • Informative Combing
    • Relative Mechanics & Sectioning
  • Dry Cutting Long Layers
    • Flat Graduation
    • Seamless Blending
    • Soft Concave/Convex
    • Cutting Less for Greater Effect
    • Exceed long-haired girls’ expectations
  • The Relative Illusion of Beauty
    • Subtle Asymmetry
    • Reverse Graduation & Point-to-Point
    • Connective Cutting Patterns
    • Flirting with Precision

“The better the information the better our choices.”

  • Some of the Benefits & Takeaways include:
    • Upgrade your haircutting skills with practical wet & dry haircutting techniques.
    • Haircutting techniques that incorporate into your current approach.
    • Haircuts that grow out better… last longer… and require less or minimal styling.
    • A new perspective about the illusion of beauty.
    • Create “Signature” Looks
    • A structure for overcoming challenges and fears associated with haircutting.
    • A language for effective communication in education.
    • Confidence to take risks with your haircutting.
    • Increase in your KPIs.

Got GOALS? “Let’s get to work!”

  • Each workSpace highlights different “Secrets of Wet & Dry Haircutting”
    • style & SKILL Set – learn HOW and developing confidence
    • language & THEORY Set – understand WHY for effective communication

Got CHALLENGES! “Let’s get to work!”

  • Each workSpace highlights “Mind Set In Action”
    • inspiration & growth MIND Set – BE authentic and take intentional action

David Kinigson has a simple, yet empowering, model and methodology for overcoming the challenges and fears we face when learning, growing, and mastering the craft of haircutting.

We all face our own unique set of obstacles that have a way of limiting our potential and inhibiting us from being the haircutter we’d like to be.

Having a supportive mindset, or attitude, is essential to overcoming challenges, developing a strong skill set, and fulfilling the goals we set for ourselves.

In this thought provoking conversation, David shares his own challenged story, wet and dry haircutting principles, while you learn a practical formula to identify your limitations, learn how to alter habits, and transform your relationship to haircutting along the way… one challenge at a time… one technique at a time… one goal at a time!

Take ACTION! Join the Conversation… “Let’s get to work!”

dates & times: Three (3) consecutive Tuesday “Class Nights” starting at 6:30p set

  • #1/3 Tuesday, May 18th, 6:30p est – $99
  • #2/3 Tuesday, June 22nd, 6:30p est – $99
  • #3/3 Tuesday, June 29th, 6:30p est – $99
  • You can attend 1 class, 2 classes, or all three.

cool deal: Each individual workSpace is $99. All three is $297. When you sign up for a bundle of all three classes you will receive a signed copy of The Haircutter’s Handbook.

fine print: This workSpace is open to licensed hairdressers. This workSpace is for new hairdressers and seasoned professionals. This workSpace is not for everybody. This is not a foundation class nor is it a hands-on class. This workSpace is an opportunity Think & Learn!

  • Throughout his 47-year career, David has mentored thousands of aspiring haircutters and educators to overcome their fears, develop skills, and realize their haircutting dreams.
  • Since the eighties David’s learning methods have been featured in all the trade magazines and applauded by other leading professionals.
Here’s what legendary educator, inspirational speaker, and success coach, Geno Stampora says,
“David and I have shared the stage educating beauty professionals. I’ve also had the pleasure to be in his audience. He is a consummate professional who entertains as he teaches. His ability to connect with his student is unparalleled.
What I admire the most about David is that he has put in the time. He continues to refine and fine-tune his craft and he knows how to transfer his knowledge to others. In the hair world, that is rare.
David is responsible for taking his students to new heights and help them to overcome the fear of success.”

What Will I Learn?

  • Benefits & Takeaways include:
  • Upgrade your haircutting skills with practical & advanced wet & dry haircutting techniques.
  • Understand growth patterns and planes of the head.
  • Introduction to Relative Mechanics, Point-to-Point,
  • Haircuts that grow out better... last longer... and require less or minimal styling.
  • Alter your habits and develop your haircutting confidence.
  • A new perspective about suitability and the illusion of beauty.
  • A structure for overcoming challenges and fears associated with haircutting.
  • A language for effective communication in education.

Topics for this course

1h 30m

Wet & Dry Haircutting?

Because there are benefits to both. Covering: growth patterns, planes of the head, informative combing, advanced haircutting techniques, relative mechanics, sectioning patterns, spatial and connective haircutting.

Asymmetry & The Relative Illusion of Beauty?

How adding subtle asymmetry can enhance the suitability of a haircut.

Mind Set in Action?

Mind Set in Action means a synergistic learning experience. SKILL set + THEORY set + MIND set = a TRANSFORMATIONAL LEARNING EXPERIENCE Upgrade your haircutting skills and develop confidence.

About the trainer

David Kinigson is a native New Yorker, award winning haircutter, renowned educator, editorial stylist, critical thinker, singer/songwriter, and author of The Haircutter's Handbook. With a preface by Vidal Sassoon and commentary from many of your favorite haircutting legends, leaders, and icons... David K is very likely, "The most famous hairdresser you've never heard of." An independent educator and corporate outsider, David founded Authentic Cutting Education (ACE) to mentor hairdressers to conquer their limitations, challenges, and fears associated with haircutting. He has adapted his unique brand of haircutting along with his original approach to personal development to provide SalonTraining.com participants the opportunity for an Authentic Cutting Education experience. In each haircutting ACE workSpace, David shares “Secrets of Wet & Dry Haircutting” (because there are benefits to both) and his simple, yet effective, "Mind Set In Action" eXercise for overcoming challenges, transforming habits, and developing performance eXcellence. He calls his method, "Synergistic Learning & Mentoring." This empowering and transformational conversation speaks directly to each participant’s Inspiration & Growth Mind Set; Style & Technical Skill Set; and Language & Theory Set. "Haircutting is a Series of Choices" is designed for participants to engage proactively to overcome challenges, and fears... develop personal courage and confidence... upgrade haircutting skills, and accomplish their career goals. If you have any questions or would like additional information on David, The Haircutter's Handbook, and Authentic Cutting Education... DM David on IG or FB. The Haircutter's Handbook is available here at the SalonTraining.com store, on Amazon.com and TheHaircuttersHandbook.com. #BeAnOriginal #ThinkBeautifulThoughts #READ
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This class is phenomenal! David’s class is transformative it goes beyond hairdressing, truly. We can apply what we learn about mindset in action to all aspect to our lives. David’s hair cutting techniques and concepts about relative illusion Beauty helps thinking and creating more efficiently to create looks that will truly make each of our guest’s beauty shine.


Material Includes

  • Mind Set In Action - (workSheet)
  • ShapeSheets (1-4)


  • Participants must be a licensed professional.
  • Participants must have a copy of The Haircutter's Handbook handy.
  • You can order a copy on Amazon or in the SalonTraining store.
  • We recommend you have pen and paper to take notes.

Target Audience

  • Apprentices & Protégés - Overcome haircutting fears and challenges and develop good habits.
  • Salon Stylists - Develop a strong skill set; techniques that easily incorporate into your approach.
  • Independent Stylists - Advanced education and non-cookie cutter.
  • Seasoned Pros - Empowered as leaders and educators; all of the above.