How To Launch Your Own Product Line in 30 Days and Increase $$$$$


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Ready to build your own haircare brand, but have no idea where to start?  The Ultimate Beauty Brand System: How To Start Your Own Haircare Line is an in-depth 3 Part Bundle on exactly how to start your own Haircare Product Business, top vendors, and masterclass.

👩‍What will you learn?

The product development process

✔️​How to make money in the Haircare Industry

​How to avoid costly mistakes to be able to sell and move quickly

✔️Launching strategies that will help your product stand out in a crowded marketplace

AND MORE! 👩‍🦱What will make this deal even better? In addition to this guide you’ll also get a manufacturer checklist so you don’t miss a step in creating your Haircare line.

This will help you communicate better with your manufacturer and your soon-to-be-happy customers. We offer full-service product development, consulting & coaching and courses to help make your brand a success!

Do you have an idea for a shampoo, conditioner, growth formula, or hair styling product that you want to launch? Creating your own beauty line can be complicated!

There are so many steps from idea to finished product, but we can help you turn your product idea into a reality and take your success to the next level by providing you with the critical steps in the product development process.

This BGME system has EVERYTHING you need to get started and get started the right way!

What Will I Learn?

  • You will have the steps and tools to plan the launch of your own brand of beauty products and create more profits without worrying about diversion.
  • Create massive branding for your beauty business by carrying and selling your own brand of products.

About the trainer

Clarity, Empowerment, Business Growth Strategy and Less Stress Meet the undisputed authority in mentoring Salon Professionals to scale profits while reducing stress with Business Growth Made Easy™ METHOD From Beauty School to Becoming a High Performance Entrepreneur Named “Most Innovative Female Entrepreneur of the Year”, as Founder and CEO of MF Consulting & Business Growth Made Easy™, Maria Fontana is committed to empowering Salon Professionals to get massive Clarity & Build a purpose driven, successful sustainable business with less stress. Maria is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Author, Salon professional and Business Mentor. Harnessing more than 25+ years of expertise in high end business start ups, mindset, finance and emotional intelligence to scale businesses and create extraordinary success for herself and many others. As an award-winning Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Salon Owner professionally trained and experienced business consultant, 34-year business owner of multiple 6+ figure Salons & service-based businesses with high end results and accolades in the in the Finance and Integrative Healing Sector Maria has the tools, experience, and understanding to help you to create the results you desire. Host of the Salon Professionals Podcast, Business Growth Made Easy. Passion drives success, sharing drives Abundance. MF Let's Connect: Booka Complimentary 9 Minute Consultation: https://mariafontana.com/free-consult Join the Business Growth Made Easy Free Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/businessgrowthmadeasy Subscribe to The podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/what-will-set-you-apart-in-salon-business-for-true/id1483064007?i=1000516149692
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  • Be open minded and positive.

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