How to Prevent Physical Pain as a Salon Professional

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  • Duration 40m
  • Start Date July 19, 2021
  • Start Time 10:00 AM Eastern Time


The beauty industry is home to some of the hardest workers around. Beauty professionals take care of people every single day – making them more beautiful, more relaxed, more confident. This means long hours standing behind the chair or hunched over a massage table – putting a lot of wear and tear on our bodies with continuous stress. Over time, it can lead to some pretty debilitating ailments and drastically shorten one’s career.

How to we take care of ourselves so we can keep doing what we love? Learn some key techniques with this free class taught by Pam Kopsak.

Pam Kopsak’s 25+ years-long career has included Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy and Ergonomics. Her passion is connecting with people while helping them to improve their health and lives. In this free class, she will cover some of the physical issues that seem to plague beauty professionals and ways to avoid physical pain through the use of body mechanics, ergonomics awareness and stretching.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn key techniques and practices to relieve and prevent pain and injury during day-to-day work.
  • Lengthen your career's longevity.
  • Increased mindfulness of one's body.

About the trainers

Salontraining.com is committed to enriching the beauty industry through the power of continuing education. We like to make sure that our classes are accessible to members, so each month we host up to 4 free classes, which are taught and sponsored by industry leading trainers. During the month of July, we have the pleasure of working with Pamela Kopsak, as well as Salontraining proprietor Tracey Napotnik. Each of these expert trainers donates their time and talents to give back to the Salontraining community so our members can learn valuable skills that they can carry with them into their careers. With their help, we aim to provide free course content that can benefit beauty professionals of every experience level.
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Salontraining.com sponsored courses are so awesome. There has been so many great trainers offering complimentary classes on here to the members. I encourage anyone that is a member to take advantage of them as well as, if your not a member yet on the site, be sure to sign up, theses free classes alone are worth signing up for.nI’m excited for Pam’s new sponsored class as well as more advanced one coming up. When talking to her you can tell the level of knowledge she most certainly has in helping stylist with pain and preventing injury.


Target Audience

  • Beauty professionals seeking to prolong their career and prevent or relieve pain in their bodies.
  • Anyone whose job involves long periods of standing or repetitive motion.