How to Recruit, Hire, Onboard, & Train Your Teams


You can’t be a good teacher until you understand how other people learn and think. This class aims to offer a systemized approach to this problem that will allow salon owners to build and nurture a bulletproof team that can grow together.

This class, taught by Nikki Le Trowbridge and Geno Stampora, will provide you with these valuable tools, which you can put into practice in your own salon:

  • Recruitment strategy and campaigns
  • Hiring and onboarding best practices
  • Systemized training for skill development
  • Understand learning barriers and limitations

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn the foundation of building strong mentorship, training through growing, and training skill.
  • Learn the key factors of employer branding by speaking the message of your mentorship ability.
  • Learn how to address the learning barriers of your trainees.
  • Learn how to create a systemized approach to education in your company.

About the trainer

Salontraining.com is committed to enriching the beauty industry through the power of continuing education. We like to make sure that our classes are accessible to members, so each month we host up to 4 free classes, which are taught and sponsored by industry leading trainers. Each of these expert trainers donates their time and talents to give back to the Salontraining community so our members can learn valuable skills that they can carry with them into their careers. With their help, we aim to provide free course content that can benefit beauty professionals of every experience level.
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I can't say enough about how thorough this free class was I can't imagine all the takeaways the full program will offer everyone who attends!! Thank you Nikki Le!


Target Audience

  • Salon owners who want to develop a strong foundation for future recruitment campaigns.
  • Business owners who want to systemize their skill development process to increase revenue.
  • Salon professionals whose goal is to become a trainer/leader/educator/coach.
  • Instructors whose goal is to create a more meaningful experience by mastering learning barriers.