Intro to Clipper Cutting


Are you fresh out of beauty school but feel intimidated by clipper cutting? Maybe you are a seasoned stylist but feel that you didn’t get enough training with clippers?

I felt the same way in the beginning of my career. I really enjoy the art of haircutting both long and short and wanted to be able to offer more services so that I could continue to have happy guests in my chair for years to come.

I began by watching videos, taking as many classes as many as I could and finding as many friends and family I could practice on as possible. I was lucky enough to work alongside of some incredible talent over the years and was mentored by many.

For me, I am a hands on learner. I try to tailor my classes so that people like me can learn by doing. It’s easy to follow along at home with a model or maniquin. If you prefer to watch and learn or listen and take notes that is great as well!

Let’s end the fear of the fade! 
This is an intro class. I will discuss clipper basics, Techniques, maintenance, and will include brief demos.

We will also discuss consultation and why it’s so important. Learn how to grow your business by offering these services.

*It is important to note in this particular class we will not be demonstrating an entire haircut. This intro class is more Discussion-based.

What Will I Learn?

  • Gain a better understanding of your tools
  • Become more confident in your ability
  • Learn how to have a proper consultation
  • Grow your business

About the trainer

Licensed to create since 2012, Jessica Selders brings the industry a fresh new take on some of today’s most in demand services. Jessica works full time behind the chair while offering in house training for her home salon and online education. She also works with photography company, The Empowered Perspective, as lead Hair and MUA. Jessica Selders is a brand ambassador and educator with Shark Fin Shears and Certified in Dream Catchers Hair Extensions. She is also a member of both the Professional Beauty Association and Associated Hair Professionals. Specializing in a wide variety of services, Jessica’s classes will feature haircutting techniques, clipper techniques and skills, color techniques, formulas, applications, placement, hair extensions as well as workshops on growth and self care behind the chair. “My goal is to inspire, educate, and motivate. I want to reach out to both students and fellow industry professionals. We can never stop learning. Nothing can be too great a challenge to a true artist who finds beauty in everything. Together we can learn and grow in this exciting and beautiful industry!” 
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I have been taken on going classes for almost 30 year and a couple years ago I had Jess come into my salon and teach men’s cutting. She was top notch!!! She was patient with my team, and super helpful while we all were learning a new cut. She had us do step by step on our models and made sure we knew what we were doing before we moved on to the next section. I highly recommend Jess for anyone starting out with men’s cutting or anyone even that is advanced that wants to sharpen their skills.



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Target Audience

  • Students
  • Professional Stylists
  • New stylists