Introduction To Makeup Artistry


“Introduction to Makeup Artistry” is a pre-requisite to: Everything Eyes, Flawless Face, Perfect Pout, Bridal Makeup & Airbrush 101

I designed this course to cover all of the things that I have learned that have been helpful in growing my client base over the last 27 years as a cosmetologist and makeup artist.

What Will I Learn?

  • Goal Setting
  • Being Professional
  • Sanitation, Hygiene & Product Expiration
  • Lighting
  • What’s in My Kit?
  • Understanding Your Client’s Needs
  • Types of Makeup Application
  • Skin Typing
  • Contra-Actions & Contra-Indications
  • Face Mapping
  • Face Shapes
  • Eye Shapes
  • Determining Skin Tone
  • Application Breakdown
  • Proper Makeup Prep

About the trainer

I am a Licensed Master Cosmetologist, Certified Skin Specialist, Health Coach & Makeup Artist. I’ve been in the beauty industry for well over two decades and spent the last 17 years as a business owner. I founded and owned a successful salon for 13 years in Wisconsin which spurred my passion in helping others and giving back to the Beauty Industry as a whole. Understanding the needs of professionals and impacting the industry has led me to becoming a top Global Educator. I have traveled all over the world to countries such as Australia and Singapore working closely with all levels of beautypreneurs helping them gain modern, cutting edge exclusiveness, financial security and setting the next trends for our every changing industry. ... I have a strong passion for helping other beauty professionals become successful beauty entrepreneurs. Helping them gain modern cutting edge exclusiveness financial security and setting the next trends for our every changing industry. ... I have been referred to as a “beauty therapist” which is actually a pretty good description. I also like to call myself a solutionist! With 26 years experience as a master cosmetologist, I have learned a lot along the way that’s really allowed me to help others with “All Things Beauty”. I honestly just want to help others FEEL beautiful. Sometimes I do that through makeup, sometimes it’s through skincare, or even with health & nutrition-and sometimes it’s just through truly listening to what it is they need. I love to empower others in any way I can. I have an immense passion for helping others be the best versions of themselves… ... Those that know me know that I am extremely shy, but for some reason, I feel comfortable behind the chair working 1 on 1 with clients. I honestly feel as though I have been gifted with the skills I have and love to share them with as many as I can.  I thrive on making others feel amazing. ... I offer expert advice and recommend products tested and approved by me through online consultations, lessons, fun events & even custom blend makeup. I also have a blog “All Things Beauty” where I can share all of my beauty tips.
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Material Includes

  • Introduction to Makeup Artistry Guide, including:
  • Sanitation & Product Expiration Guide
  • A Detailed List of What I Have in My Pro Makeup Kit
  • Skin Typing Quick Reference
  • Face Mapping Guide
  • Guide to Face Shapes & Eye Shapes
  • How to Determine Skintone


  • Have a notebook & pen ready!
  • You can also print out the "Introduction to Makeup Artistry" Guide included with this course

Target Audience

  • Cosmetologists
  • Estheticians
  • Hairstylists
  • Barbers
  • Students
  • Anyone That Loves Makeup