AB Salon Equipment – Salon Design and Space Planning Services


AB Salon Equipment provides Salon Layouts & floor space planning services for our clients at an inexpensive fee.

We will create a floor plan with Beauty & Creative function and a smooth traffic flow. Designing Barber Shops, Salons, & Suites for over 30 years has given AB experience and specific insight in salon and spa design and salon layouts. See a sample of our completed projects in Salon Photos. Our Custom Cabinetry is very Popular with clients who get Salon Layout & Space Planning services from us.

Do not trust floor plan software as Design Services from a Professional Salon Designer is important to focus on the Function, Proper Equipment Placement, and smooth traffic flow throughout your New Salon. Call AB to discuss the details of our space planning services and how we can help guide you and your salon development team. (Landlord, Leasing Agent, Architect or Engineer or Contractor/Builder). Any ideas you have please forward them direct to AB from your mobile device.


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