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This course is sponsored by Salon Business Time.

Are you a commissioned hairstylist wanting to create higher paychecks? Heck, who doesn’t want that – but how do you do it? Bring in more clients? Raise prices? Work more hours? Well those are a few ways, but are they the best option for everyone? What if you are already working the set amount of hours you need in order to still be with your family or balance other aspects of your life? What if your book isn’t completely full yet to have a price increase?

What if you could increase your hourly paycheck with possibly the same amount of clients you already have – even while working the same schedule you already do? In this intro class presented by Salon Business Time, Tracey Napotnik will show you the 5 key numbers that are crucial to track daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly that could be more simple then you think.

This is a free mini-class to get you or your salon team thinking and seeing what numbers to start tracking for commissioned stylists, and you will also be given our proven Score Tracker PDF (only after attending the live class), that has been a game changer in providing terrific customer service as well as help stylists learn what to track for themselves to earn an awesome paycheck!