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Cosmetology students are invited to hear about various topics that can help them when entering the work place after school.
Creating an Outstanding Digital Portfolio – Taught by Matt & Jen Martinelli-Canvas Me
Recruiting & Attracting Clients – Patti Meade – Salon Owner,  Salon Business Trainer
Jessica Lewan- The Importance of Retail/ Wax Aftercare – Salon Owner, Podcaster
Heidi Maxwell- The Art of Rebooking Skills – Nail Tech, Nail Salon owner, Podcaster
Taylor Jameson – Rock the Razor – Industry Leading Trainer, World Wide Platform Artist


This class will help students step off the graduation stage and into their careers with skills that will help them get ahead. Taught by industry leading beauty professionals, the class will cover a variety of topics that will refine students’ skill set and allow them to build their careers quickly and easily.