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Imagine looking at your appointment book and knowing exactly how much profit every booked hour was going to generate.

Imagine every member of your team being well-versed in explaining the pricing for every service you offer.

Imagine getting rid of those complicated and seemingly endless price lists.

Now, imagine reinforcing your brand by using a pricing structure that charges for time, skills and expertise rather than the “name” of specific services.

And when your clients understand why it benefits them, and why they get the best salon/spa services possible instead of the fastest, they’ll really love the idea and believe in it.

Salons and spas have struggled with pricing pretty much forever — especially when it’s time to raise prices.

This means that everything and anything that can be done to ensure and protect profitability must be done.

Pricing service by the hour rather than price just makes sense in both simplicity and effectiveness.
This class gives you the why, what and how to begin pricing your services by the hour, or fraction of an hour.