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Important Notice: utilizes Zoom to teach live courses. If you have an existing Zoom account for business or personal reasons, you must provide a different email address so that a separate Zoom account can be created and licensed under Salontraining LLC. If your application is approved, this will keep your Zoom accounts separate and prevent any issues down the line once you begin teaching your courses.

Email must NOT be used with your existing Zoom account.
  1. All classes must start and should end on time. If you must start a class late, it will be the trainer's responsibility to contact all members by email, prior to the scheduled class time.
  2. You may cancel at anytime prior to your scheduled class if no one has signed up by then. Please be advised, if you are still building a member following, it may be in your best interest to wait. It may be that people will sign up for a class the same day it is being hosted. (This is very likely).
  3. If for any reason a class is cancelled by you, the trainer, after members have signed up and paid for your class, all class fees will be refunded to members, and a ten (10%) percent fee (number is based on the amount that was refunded) may be charged to the trainer. We do understand emergencies and will take that into consideration.
  4. If a class enrollment is canceled by a member prior to 48 hours beforehand, a full refund will be given. If a particular member continues canceling, they will be notified that they are no longer eligible for refunds. If a refund request is submitted more than 48 hours after the class has ended, no refund will be given. Trainers will still receive their 70 percent even if the member did not show up. (The ticket was bought for your class so it’s still your money). They may allow someone else to use it though if they choose.
  5. classes will be live through Zoom. Remember, we want this to be about your presence with them in real time. No pre-recorded classes will be permitted at this time, unless approved by the team. Several different class types can be taught.Several different class types can be taught.
      Look and learn: The trainer demonstrates the scheduled class content. Members have the opportunity to interact with the trainer, have their questions answered, and participate in watch mode.
    • Hands on: The trainer demonstrates and coaches members through the class content, while having members practice what is or has been taught to them. These will require materials that members will need to have ahead of time, so make SURE to list any and all resources they need when you first list your class.
  6. Even though the class may be listed as hands-on, some attendees may choose to participate in watch only mode, please still make them fell welcome even though we know they may not benefit as much.
  7. Members will have the opportunity to interact with you, the trainer, and have their questions answered. We know this can get out of hand at times so please remind them that you want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to speak.
  8. If you have a member asking an excessive amount of questions, you may have to let them know the question will be addressed via email if needed. Just be sure to make them feel important while also reminding them of the time constraints. Leaving room for Q&A in your classes can be important, so we suggest leaving time for that when listing your class start and end time.
  9. There are many different types of learners. Your goal is to help everyone feel engaged. Each attending member will choose to participate in their own way. We encourage you to make every participant feel safe to participate in their own way and feel comfortable so they want to come back.
  10. Classes, courses and workshops need to match the descriptions that were provided in the examples, i.e. if you are teaching a look-and-learn color class, do not ask them to have their tools ready for a hands-on color class.
  11. The trainer will need to upload a list of any materials needed for the class (i.e. color bowls, brushes, combs, etc.) prior to uploading the course. If you have any required documents, be sure to have them in a PDF format to attach for download.
  12. At this time will not permit anyone under the age of 18 to be on camera or take a class. This is very important. In the future we are looking into having background checks and child clearances be done for those trainers who are looking to teach to members that are under the age of 18 who may be in cosmetology school.
  13. If you see someone who has invited someone else to the class who did not register, we ask you to remind them that the person should stay off camera. We do not mind that they are there if you do not, however we want to make sure the trainers provide the most value to the members who paid and registered for that class.
  14. All trainers are independent contractors and will receive a form 1099. This form will be used to report income for your tax purposes. In the event any of your contact information changes, such as name change address email or phone number please update immediately.
    • When listing classes on the platform, trainers will need to purchase a zoom license on our site. This fee is 20.00 per month, and you only pay on the month(s) you want to list. If you choose not to list a class that month no fee is required.
    • If you already have your own zoom account, you will still need to use the one linked to our platform, as that is how the system sends the classes out to the members; however, you will need to make it the same name as your current Zoom. For instance, if you use your company name for your Zoom, you will need to set it up using that same name instead of your personal name. If you use your personal name, you would set it up with your personal name. The names must match perfectly to prevent errors with our Zoom configuration.
    • If you already have your own zoom account, you will still need to use the one on our platform as that is how the system sends the classes out to the members.
    • In time our goal will be to eliminate this fee for trainers who stay active on the site
    • will own all rights and interest to Zoom recordings. We agree to never use, publish, or post your private classes without your written permission and the written permission of the members who attended. The reason why we would even ask for a small portion of the content would be for the purpose of helping to market more of your classes for you. You are also agreeing not to use these recordings on any social media without first receiving written permission as stated above for your needs. We will not allow these classes to be posted on social media as a whole. Small segments (5 -10 percent of your class) of recorded course content may be used for marketing if needed; however, we ask that you do not ask for every class you teach. When members have paid for your private class, with respect to them, we want to keep it that way – private. We will store your classes on the cloud up to three (3) months.
  15. If you do not have ownership or licensing rights to particular products you are speaking about, such as a particular pair of shears, lightener, makeup, etc. we ask that you do not make this about selling those products. You can say “I am using product/brand I like because…..” If you are the owner of that product, you can direct members where to purchase it. We have a store area on which your product may be listed so we can provide your link into an email that goes out with the survey immediately after the class. There is a $30.00/month fee (first 3 months are free, ask for details) to have your product listed on the store and in the email. We want trainers who own their own products or product sponsors/trainers to have success with selling more of their products. We just ask that no one makes any class all about selling your own products. There is an exception if it is a product- sponsored class and is the description before a member purchases.
To download and review a copy of our trainer guidelines, please click here.