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Our trainers can benefit by using our platform to connect with industry colleagues, as well as share their knowledge and experience via live courses, while earning income teaching fellow beauty professionals.

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Our search filter enables you to search for trainers by name and/or by course category. If you select a course category, the search results will display trainers who have posted courses in that category.

For example, by searching for a trainer’s name, a link to their profile will appear. Additionally, you may add a category filter such as “Business.” If said trainer has posted a course under that category, their profile will appear. This function is useful to find out if the trainer you’re looking for has posted a course on a desired topic.

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Category Clear All

Three Levels of Trainer Experience

New Talent trainers are up and coming educators who are getting their start and building their following in salon education. Their courses cost $25.


Professional level trainers are experienced educators and industry leaders who teach courses focused in their area of expertise.

Product Company trainers are educators who partner with your favorite product companies and are representatives of their brand.

Share your knowledge through live courses and start earning extra income today.

Our trainers teach live classes and courses in all aspects of the beauty industry. gives you access to beauty professionals who are looking for education on what you offer. Our platform offers live interactive classes taught by you and helps you reach more people. Becoming a trainer provides flexibility so you can list your classes on your schedule. If you are an experienced trainer or one who has always dreamed of becoming one, we encourage you to apply.  We have all levels of education for every type of learner as well as trainers. 
Once you’re approved as a trainer, you will be invited to a fast growing and outstanding group of trainers who are all in a private community group where we share experiences,  success, and ideas.  First and foremost, we want trainers who are passionate to help others grow in their careers and businesses.

If you have any additional questions in regards to how our platform works, please don’t hesitate to contact us or reach out by telephone via text only at (814) 248-8928 or via email at [email protected]